About Me

Michael Toh is a freelance photographer living in the vibrant city island of Singapore. His interest areas include landscape, wildlife, events, portraiture and still-life amongst many others.

He has travelled far and wide, from modern cities to the rural corners of the world, to capture and share his experiences with others through his lenses.

As a dedicated father and husband, he regularly attends his family’s bountiful events (such as triathlon races, frisbee competitions, yoga classes, etc.) as a photographer for their social media pages.

Some of his other interests outside photography are Chinese Calligraphy, Taiji and travelling.

Apart from photography, Michael also manages 'The Amazing Sri Lanka', a page which showcases the beauty of Sri Lanka, a hot new travel destination in Asia. Having personally experienced the lifestyle Sri Lanka has to offer, Michael has crafted various itineraries for travellers looking for an escape from the city life.


Here are some of the services provided by Michael:


For photography services quotation, photo usage permissions or if you are looking for a getaway to Sri Lanka, kindly fill in this form to contact Michael.